101 Dalmatians (Penguin Young Readers Level 3) by D Smith

By D Smith

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The Hundred And One Dalmatians 28 “Missis might hurt them—she wouldn’t know them for her own now,” said Nanny Butler. ” Pongo heard this and decided something must be done. For he knew that, whatever usual dogs would do, Missis would know her own puppies and she and Perdita would not fight. So he had a word with Missis, under the laundry door, and that afternoon, when the Nannies were upstairs, he took a flying leap at the door and managed to burst it open. Out hurtled Missis and eight puppies, and when the Nannies came downstairs they found Pongo, Missis, and Perdita all playing happily with fifteen puppies—who were now so mixed up that it took the Nannies all their time to decide which pups had been brought up by which mother.

She gave a scream and dropped him. Nanny Butler was quick enough to catch him in her apron. ” said Nanny Cook, who had just come out into the area. “She’s enough to frighten the spots off a pup. ” For Lucky had dashed into the laundry and was gulping down water. Cruella’s ear had tasted of pepper. Every day now, the puppies grew stronger and more independent. They now fed themselves entirely, eating shredded meat as well as soaked bread and milk puddings. Missis and Perdita were quite happy to leave them now for an hour or more at a time, so the three grown-up dogs took Mrs.

Not too high, Missis dear,” said Pongo. ” For when a Dalmatian’s tail is curled high over the back it is called a “gay” tail and is a bad fault. Missis was still laughing at this little joke when her heart gave a wild flutter. Coming towards them was a policeman. Instantly Pongo led the way into a back street, and they were son safely out of the policeman’s sight. But seeing him had reminded Missis of something. ” she wailed. “We are illegal. ” “And a good thing, too,” said Pongo, “for a dog can be grabbed by the collar.

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