2X4 Furniture: Simple, Inexpensive and Great-Looking by Stevie Henderson

By Stevie Henderson

A suite of domestic and backyard furnishings tasks, which name just for using low-cost, usual 2" X 4" lumber, universal instruments and easy recommendations. The designs diversity from conventional to modern.

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72 One cubic metre of 200mm ϫ 200mm timber section planed (wrot) timber will be sold by length as opposed to volume. Like some other trades, there are occasions when we have to be conversant with both metric and imperial measurement. Timber from America and Canada will, in most cases, be sized in ‘feet’ and ‘inches’. For example: the sale of an American hardwood board could be based on its ‘Surface measurement’ in square feet, or a ‘Board foot’ which represents a piece of board one foot long, one foot wide, and one inch thick.

8 Grading timber Like other natural materials with inherent variations, timber is required to meet certain standards so that it can be classified suitable for a particular end use. Two of the main issues to be considered here are the timbers appearance and Quality – the type, size and number of the following defects must be taken into consideration: ● natural defects ● defects as a result of drying ● machining defects – resulting from saw and/or roller marks ● other factors resulting from production methods, which could include such things as, ‘bowing’ due to bad stacking etc.

At the time of writing Building regs approved documents still refer to strength classes of timber SC3 & SC4 etc. these may be sustituted as follows: Strength Class (SC) Replaced by: SC 3 SC 4 SC 5 C 16 C 24 C 27 ‘DRY’ or ‘KD’ (kiln dried – North American grading) reflects the marking alongside the strength class grade mark. Conversely a ‘WET’ mark may be used on softwood graded for exterior use. and/or one or more sides planed smooth on (wrot). Squared timber may be further reformed by cutting grooves or curves into one or more of its faces, to produce a moulded section.

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