356th Fighter Group in WWII

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Holm, so I pulled up and joined him. As Notes: Completed Tour: Lt. Ricbard A. Rann, Lt. Bertrum E. Ellingson; both pilots returned to the States on leave before returning for second tours. " Wyatt then dove after another May 12 (#113) L1Co!. Tukey led a penetration-target-withdrawal support from 1047 to 1452. Landfall was near Furness at 1126 with RN coming southwest of Brussels at 1153. The bombers were taken to the Fulda area and then left northeast of Frankfurt at 1317. From the Rhine River 10 Fulda, the group was repeatedly bounced by P-51's but no damage was done.

Seen near Neufchateau. Two were shot down before the group crossed out north of Dunkirk at 1015. (2-0-0 air) 359th: 359th: Line-lip White, Bergstrom, Wadlow, Clayborne Engel, Chickering, Knudsen, Hoffert 360th: 44 Line-up Baccus, Forsyth, Rubner, Chickering White, Hoffert, Knudsen, Lubbers Cota, Sova, Knapp, Mercer Kress, Goldwasser, Tierni, Green The 356th Fighter Group ill World War 1/ 361 st: Strait, Hargreaves, Yoakum, Decker Korhorn, Kahle, Gansberg, Faison May 28 (#125) LtCol. Baccus led a penetration support from 1204 to 1537.

B. Mercer Fw 190 dest(air) Laon Fw 190 dam(air) Laon Fw 190 dest(air) Laon Lt. E. Leathers 360th: 361 st: Reims-Chateau Thierry 359th: April 28 (#101) LtCo!. Tukey led a Type-16 Control from 0830 to 1215. The 359th and 360th picked up some bomhers at 0950 east of the Jersey Islands and crossed in near Cherbourg ar 0953. While they took the bombers to theirtargets, the 361st swept theEvreux area. All three squadrons later joined up and crossed out at 1120 near Dieppe. 359th: Burke, Lubbers, Farmer, Clayborne Engel, Craig, Peet, Forsyth Rann, Wood, Bradshaw, Wyatt Cota, Adams, J.

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