50 award winning house by Chengdi Liu

By Chengdi Liu

This e-book covers fifty notable homes equipped lately, from villas to residences, each one shining with its personal brilliance.

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20世纪60年代开始,建在已有房子 上面的、设备齐全的居住单元。住宅是由一系列金属和木支架构成的,这些支架的变形是为了 顺应周围光滑的白云石山坡。触手可及的屋顶景色也决定了内部的空间特点——空间由一个屋 角和几个面所构成,成为一个角度千变万化的新空间。独特的分层形态和建造体系颇具特色: 开始是把每一阶外部楼梯当作模块,然后再延展成框架;这些框架之后的变形可减轻整个几何 体的重量。断开的结构使楼梯一部分得以延长,形成一个供短暂驻足的地形。整体的空间特点 是一个有着分散功能和环境的梯阵,室内室外、上上下下都有着变化多端的步行区。这些交叉 路组成了一个环,这样,从卧室和浴室这样的私人区域可以通过厨房、餐厅和客厅到达更加敞 开、豁朗的阳台。 Awarded: 2006 Italy Competition The architects challenged the standard pitched and overhanging roof and instead developed a rich texture of different occupiable spaces.

On the other hand, the history of the Bavarian Forest is connected to the production of glass. A very special landscape characteristic that points out this tradition is the “Pfahl” – the pile – an underground quartz ridge, that comes to the surface near Viechtach town. Foam glass concrete is a very light and still very stable material, whose coefficient of thermal conductivity is between 0,12 and 0,38 w/(m k) and therefore can also be used as thermal insulation. Another advantage is that the material has similar characteristics to wood and therefore connects very well to the old house.

The rooms of the old building stay as they are, barely anything of the existence will be removed, that’s imperative to the windows, the old plaster, the floor tiles and the other old fixtures. Other removed material will be recycled to produce furniture. Boxes out of concrete are going to be placed into a few central rooms, for example the old parlor, where the new life is going to take part. The new construction frames the old one, carries and protects it, the old building accomodates the new.

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