A City Lost & Found: Whelan the Wrecker's Melbourne (2nd by Robyn Annear

By Robyn Annear

The demolition company of Whelan the Wrecker was once a Melbourne establishment for 100 years (1892-1992). Its recognized signal – 'Whelan the Wrecker is Here' on a pile of moving rubble - was once a laconic masterpiece and served as a necessary signal of the city's development. It's no stretch to claim that over 3 generations, the Whelan family members replaced the face of Melbourne, demolishing 1000's of structures within the vital urban alone.

In A urban misplaced and located, Robyn Annear makes use of Whelan's demolition websites as portals to discover layers of the town laid naked by way of their pick-axes and iron balls. Peering underneath the rubble, she brings to mild outstanding tales approximately Melbourne's construction websites and their many incarnations. it is a booklet concerning the making – and remaking – of a urban.

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