A George Eliot Chronology by Timothy Hands (auth.)

By Timothy Hands (auth.)

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27 Attends Bellini's Norma at Covent Garden, probably with Spencer. Tells Cara Bray, 'My brightest spot next to my love of old friends, is the deliciously calm new friendship that Herbert Spencer gives me. We see each other every day and have a delightful camaraderie in everything' (I, 281). Also describes the great impression which Millais' s The Huguenots on St Bartholomew's Day made on her. June Rumours develop that GE and Spencer are engaged. Introduced to Barbara Smith by Bessie Parkes. 2 (Wed) Asks the Brays to send George Sand's works and Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility.

Gives qualified praise to the proposed legal reforms for women as helping to raise their position and character. February 9 (Sat) 'History of German Protestantism' appears in the Leader. 16 The Spectator asserts its view that no woman is fit for the post of clerk to the Master of the Rolls. 19 Completes her translation of Spinoza's Ethics - never published, owing to GHL' s dispute with the publisher. Declares herself in happy ignorance of the Spectator's views on emancipation. Reading the third volume of Ruskin's Modern Painters and Thomas Rymer Jones's General Outline of the Animal Kingdom.

23 Begins article on Vehse's Court of Austria. February 5 (Mon) Palmerston becomes Prime Minister, following the resignation of Aberdeen's government. March 3 (Sat) Completes 'Memoirs of the Court of Austria', a review of Vehse, for the Westminster. 11 Leave Berlin for England, breaking the journey at Cologne and Brussels, and enjoying in the latter a chance encounter with Berlioz. 14 Takes lodgings at 1 Sydney Place, Dover, while GHL continues to London. Resumes work on Spinoza's Ethics. 15 Reading Shakespeare's Venus and Adonis.

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