A Short History of Byzantium by John Julius Norwich

By John Julius Norwich

During this magisterial model of his epic three-volume historical past of Byzantium, John Julius Norwich chronicles the world's longest-lived Christian empire. starting with Constantine the good, who in a.d. 330 made Christianity the faith of his realm after which transferred its capital to the town that will endure his identify, Norwich follows the process 11 centuries of Byzantine statecraft and war, politics and theology, manners and art.

In the pages of a quick heritage of Byzantium we come upon mystics and philosophers, eunuchs and barbarians, and rulers of wonderful erudition, piety, and degeneracy. We input the lifetime of an empire that may create a number of the world's such a lot transcendent spiritual artwork after which smash it within the convulsions of fanaticism. Stylishly written and overflowing with drama, pathos, and wit, here's a matchless account of a misplaced civilization and its remarkable cultural legacy.

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