Access to History. Elizabeth I Meeting the Challenge:England by John Warren

By John Warren

It is a re-creation of Elizabeth I: faith and international Affairs. This name units the scene from 1541 charting the advancements of the Mid-Tudor hindrance from Henry VIII to Mary I. It then is going directly to research the succession of Elizabeth and her consolidation of strength, studying the political, spiritual, and army threats, either exterior and inner, to her rule. the issues in the course of her ultimate years also are explored, and this identify concludes by means of key issues and interpretations around the interval. through the e-book, key dates, phrases, and concerns are highlighted, and historic interpretations of key debates are defined. precis diagrams are incorporated to consolidate wisdom and realizing of the period,

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Pluralism A priest owning more than one living and therefore being responsible for more than one parish. Dispensation Permission given to step outside the usual rules. Homilies Short sermon-like passages that could be read instead of preaching. Key terms deliberately unresolved, and so, in return for the abolition of all the Henrician religious legislation and the reinstating of the medieval heresy laws, Pole granted the country papal absolution. By January 1555 he had agreed to concede the lay ownership of church lands.

In this question you are asked to explain why different beliefs were held by English people at the time of Elizabeth I’s accession to the throne. Also implicit is the need to explain why people held these beliefs so strongly that the country was divided over religious issues. You should show how these reasons are linked to one another and you should also evaluate your explanation, for example showing the role that these different factors played and assessing their relative importance in relation to the question.

What messages does the portrait communicate about the new queen? went hand in hand with the break with Rome, it is not difficult to see that Elizabeth would associate her own right to the throne with opposition to the Papacy. Also, her education was distinctly Protestant. The Boleyn faction was very interested in Luther’s views on church reform. A few days before her arrest, Anne Boleyn had entrusted her like-minded chaplain, Matthew Parker (see page 40), with the spiritual welfare of her infant daughter.

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