Advanced Petrophysics by Ekwere J. Peters

By Ekwere J. Peters

A pragmatic, fast moving method of instructing the ideas and difficulties universal in petroleum engineering that might entice a variety of disciplines Petrophysics is the learn of rock homes and their interactions with fluids, together with gases, liquid hydrocarbons, and aqueous strategies. This three-volume sequence from wonderful collage of Texas professor Dr. Ekwere J. Peters presents a simple figuring out of the actual houses of permeable geologic rocks and the interactions of some of the fluids with their interstitial surfaces, with particular specialise in the shipping homes of rocks for single-phase and multiphase stream.

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The Siluriformes (catfishes) is a large order of about 2500 species of mainly freshwater and some marine fishes found throughout the tropics and some temperate areas. 3 follows Ferraris and de Pinna (1999), although this latter work does not exactly match the cladistic scheme outlined by de Pinna (1998). g. Fink and Fink 1981). These fishes are remarkable in possessing an organ system for producing and receiving electrical impulses; the electric eel (Electrophorus) is a famous, though atypical, example.

They are readily distinguished from other fishes in having a cartilaginous skeleton with distinctive superficial calcification, called ‘prismatic’ calcification, and males with pelvic claspers, which are inserted into the female cloaca and oviduct during copulation. Synapomorphies diagnosing the group are listed by Didier (1995, table 1). The Chimaeriformes (chimeras and allies) is a small order of about 50 or so species of mainly deepsea fishes that have a worldwide distribution. They have soft, scaleless bodies with prominent sensory canals on the head, a prominent spine in front of the first dorsal fin, three pairs of beak-like teeth in the mouth, two in the upper jaw and one in the lower jaw, spiracle absent in adults, and a fleshy operculum over the four gill openings.

The neotenic Southeast Asian freshwater genus Sundasalanx was recently placed with the clupeiform family Clupeidae by Siebert (1997). Previously it had been assigned to its own family in the Salmoniformes (Roberts 1981). S. 3). S. Nelson 1994 for review). The Ostariophysi is a huge group of mainly freshwater teleosts that includes nearly 75% of all freshwater fishes; new species continue to be discovered at a rapid rate, particularly in Southeast Asia and the Neotropics (Lundberg et al. 2000). Ostariophysans are distinctive in possessing epidermal alarm substance cells and an alarm reaction.

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