Advances in science and technology of Mn+1AXn phases by It-Meng Low

By It-Meng Low

MAX levels are a brand new category of fabrics that express a special blend of features of either ceramics and metals.  MAX stages are nano-layered ceramics with the final formulation Mn+1AXn where "M" is an early transition steel, "A" is a group-A point and "X" is both carbon or nitrogen.  Similiar to ceramics, they own low density, low thermal growth coefficient, excessive modulus and excessive power, and sturdy extreme temperature oxidation resistance.  Like metals, they're sturdy electric and thermal conductors, comfortably machinable, tolerant to break and immune to thermal shock.I.M. Low has compiled 15 peer-reviewed chapters, written by way of a number one learn of overseas popularity on MAX stages.   The participants talk about synthesis, characterisation, modeling, microstructures, homes, ab-initio calculations and purposes of MAS levels and goals the ongoing learn of complex metals and ceramics.

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Li et al. [21] also studied the effect of MA processing on the PS of Ti3SiC2. It was found that MA enhanced both the formation of the Ti3SiC2 phase and the densification during the PS process. Self-propagating high-temperature synthesis (SHS) SHS relies on the ability of highly exothermic reactions to be self-sustaining. Compared with the PS method and other conventional methods, the SHS technique provides an attractive and practical route for producing 6 Published by Woodhead Publishing Limited 2012 Methods of MAX-phase synthesis and densification – I advanced powders because of the advantages of saving energy, high efficiency and low cost.

Guiming Song obtained his PhD degree in Materials Science in 1999 from the Harbin Institute of Technology, China. Currently, he works as R&D engineer in Xycarb Ceramics, a division of Schunk Group in The Netherlands. Prior to Xycarb Ceramics, he took an associate professor position at the Harbin Institute of Technology from 2001, and a research position at the Delft University of Technology, Netherlands, in the period 2002-2011. He was a project leader on “Self-healing Ti-Al-C MAX phase ceramics” funded by SenterNovem, the Netherlands.

Due Published by Woodhead Publishing Limited 2012 5 Advances in science and technology of Mn+1AXn phases to the weak bonding between TiC slabs and interleaved Al atoms in the structure of Ti3AlC2−x and Ti2AlC1−x, Al atoms can easily migrate and evaporate. Therefore, it is difficult to fabricate highly pure Ti3AlC2−x and Ti2AlC1−x from naturally stacked and mixed powders. Sunetal et al. [16] made efforts to synthesize Ti3SiC2 powder by PS. 10Si/2TiC. It was found that adding 10 per cent excess Si is essential for preparing single phase Ti3SiC2 because Si evaporates at high temperature.

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