AH-1 Huey Cobra by Lindsey Peacock

By Lindsey Peacock

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If the program is not a simple0A -program or the SMT-solver exploited by the “Acceleration (1)” module times out, the CG of the program is translated into a transition system and then fed into mcmt. 5 mcmt is a model-checker based on a backward reachability analysis approach for array-based transition systems, formal models suitable for the representation of many classes of real systems, including programs with arrays. it/ users/ghilardi/mcmt/. The version of mcmt included in Booster extends the previous version [15] implementing (i) the new Lazy Abstraction with Interpolants (LAWI) for Arrays approach [1] and (ii) acceleration procedures for array relations [5] (this also differentiates mcmt from safari [2]).

Solutions to these problems have been proposed in earlier work: Sets of reachable data values can be expressed in the first-order logic R, Z, +, ≤ , which generalizes Presburger arithmetic to mixed integer and real variables, and for which usable data structures have been developed [7]. The transformations undergone by variables along control paths of linear hybrid automata1 correspond to Linear Hybrid Relations (LHR), the acceleration of which is studied in [5,6]. The cycle acceleration method proposed in [5] is able to handle a broad class of LHR, in particular all Multiple Counters Systems (MCS) [11].

Experimental Results: Problem Set I. We use a first set of example programs to illustrate that BMC can be used in practice on programs that have been designed to be verified with deductive verification tools. Although these are all relatively simple problems, they are algorithmically complicated, which creates difficulties for a BMC approach. Our purpose here is to investigate the viability of the approach for small problem sizes (bounded loops requiring up to 100 iterations). Specifically, we have applied SPARK-BMC to an implementation of the inverting an injection problem taken from [12], which we have ported to SPARK: ☎ ✞ ✞ MAXLEN : con st a n t := 20; subtype I n d e x i s I n t e g e r range type A rray T y pe i s array ( Index ) of procedure I n v e r t (A : N: B: b e gin f or I in Index loop B (A( I ) ) := I ; end loop ; end I n v e r t ; ✝ 0 .

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