american boys book of camp lore and woodcraft by Daniel Carter Beard

By Daniel Carter Beard

This is often our fourth "handy ebook" by means of Dan Beard, the founding father of the yankee Scouting stream, who believed that having boys construct issues with their fingers used to be not just a detriment to creating mischief, but additionally the root for development nice lives. during this trust, Beard was once indefatigable, and each Scout worthy his advantage badge used to be anticipated to learn his vintage tract on camp-lore and woodcraft, which integrated directions on how one can construct an excellent fireplace, cook dinner venison, arrange for a camping out journey, and use an awl and a observed.

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No will use 4 a bank for a When everything is covered with snow may back (Fig. 56) but on smoulder for a week and then one but an arrant, thoughtless, selfish Cheechako a live growing tree against which to build a fire. CAMP-LORE AND WOODCRAFT 50 A real woodcraft knows that a fire can ruin in a few minutes a mighty forest tree that God himself cannot replace inside of from forty to one hundred years. While we are talking of building fires in the snow, it may be well to remark that an uninhabitable and inaccessible swamp summer is often the best of camping places in The water freezes and falls lower and lower, in the the winter time.

A fine misty rain was falling and everything was damp. While all the other hikers gathered around, one of them carefully lighted a match and heap of damp cord wood sticks. Match match he tried, then turned helplessly to the writer applied after to the it with the remark, "It won't the humor light, sir," and none there saw of the situation! Had anyone told the writer that from twenty-five to men could be found, none of whom could build a fire, thirty he would have considered the statement as highly improbable, but if he had been told that any intelligent man would try wood sticks, wet or dry, by applying a match would have branded the story as utterly beyond is, however, really astonishing how few people to light cord to them, he It belief.

35) and strikes the bit of flint as you , and steel, holding the charred end of the the flint, as shown by the diagram (Fig. 29). punk against Loose cotton and various vegetable fibers twisted into a would with flint rope soaked in water and gunpowder will when make good punk dry. To GET THE SPARK Place the charred end of the rope on the flint, the charred portion about one thirty-second of an inch back of the edge of the flint where the latter is to be struck by the steel; hold the punk in place with the thumb of the left hand, as in the diagram (Fig.

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