Angiogenesis: Key Principles — Science — Technology — by R. Steiner (auth.), Dr. Rudolf Steiner, Dr. Paul B. Weisz,

By R. Steiner (auth.), Dr. Rudolf Steiner, Dr. Paul B. Weisz, Dr. Robert Langer (eds.)

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Drug delivery Angiogenesis research has been responsible for spawning a number of novel drug delivery systems. These delivery systems were developed principally because of the great difficulty investigators had in studying angiogenesis stimulators and inhibitors. These molecules generally have very short half-lives, and are available in small quantities. g. cornea) where the vascular response can be studied. Finally, it can take days of even weeks depending on the in vivo site being studied for an angiogenic response to be fully apparent.

I ..... ' ~ I'.... ~~ • • .. ,,:'6 · B - a - b - C d - e i h 9 f k Figure 8A and B. Fusion of two sprouts with intercellular lumina. The already differentiated parts of the sprouts (a, band k, I) show an increased height of the endothelium when reaching the tip of the sprout (c- g and i -j), whereby the presumptive lumen is still a narrow slit. In h, the section plane of the fusion, this lumen is only partially confined by endothelial cells since the distance between the tips is not yet overbridged.

The structural similarity to endothelial cells and fibroblasts as well as bundles of collagen fibers enclosed in pericytic cells shows that in tumor angiogenesis both the angioblastic as well as the mesenchymal route of pericyte formation and endotheliogenesis are involved (Fig. 6). Figure 3. Vascular sprout with intracellular lumen formation (*). Note the high content of cell organelles and the height of the endothelium. The second lumen, which is occluded by an erythrocyte (e) was formed by an extensive reflexive overlapping of two ramifications (1,2) from the same cell that have developed contacts between them (small arrows).

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